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Dancing King was a television series commissioned by the Discovery Network, and it was broadcast to countries around the world. The program achieved some of the highest viewing figures ever for the channel.

The series was made up of six one hour episodes and followed David as he put his show business producer role in motion. David created a show titled "Man in the Mirror" which was to become one of the world's biggest Michael Jackson shows, and week by week, the cameras followed him to watch the trials and tribulations of making an international  hit show.

David's talent search first of all visited London, where hundreds of people turned up to be auditioned for the show.  The cameras followed every part of it, and filmed the good, the bad, and the ugly !. Then auditions switched to New York, and the cameras were there as David worked his magic on the hundreds of american hopefuls that turned up to be seen by him.

Once David had selected the cast for the show, the cameras went behind the scenes  and were there as the show was created. The programme showed us the good side, and the not so good side, of the talent on display.  Hirings, firings, arguments, walkouts, the viewers saw it all, and the story of creating this massive show unfolded.

The show had drama, comedy, music - infact everything that a great TV series should have. David did it again!



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