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David King's episode of Channel 4's 'Secret Millionaire' was full of emotion, humour and drama and is one of the most watched ever.

David returned to the run-down streets of his home city of Leeds to film undercover and ended up the victim of a terrifying car-jacking. Viewers of the first episode in the series saw award winning David reeling in shock after his harrowing ordeal.

He had been driven around the backstreets at speeds of up to 80 mph by the car thief and feared he was about to die. But not only did he escape thanks to his courage and quick thinking, the true professional also did a piece to camera straight afterwards.

David felt lucky to be alive in the aftermath and vowed not to be defeated in his undercover work for three deserving causes. He told the people he helped he was being filmed while researching for a new musical production about working class life in a city and stayed on to donate over £50,000 in total.



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