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David King is a multi award winning international theatre producer, and has shows playing in theatres and casinos all over the world.  He is also a leading  show business  entrepreneur , Television personality and after dinner speaker  

David was the star of the hit TV series "Secret Millionaire" where he went back to his home town of Leeds in the North of England to find good causes he could help.  During the making of the programme,  David's  car was stolen, with David inside it.   This terrifying car-jacking made international news worldwide with the headline "Secret millionaire kidnapped" and the episode won the most viewers for any other show in the series.

Numerous television appearances in Europe and the USA  followed which led to David becoming a very much in demand after dinner speaker, a role he still cherishes today where he speaks at high level corporate events worldwide. 

David  had his own series on Discovery Television titled "Dancing King" which was shown around the world.  The programme followed him and his creative team around Europe and  the USA as he created and produced his latest hit show  "Man in the Mirror" which featured the music of Michael Jackson.  Viewers saw auditions in London and New York, and it took them backstage to see the hirings and the firings  and  how an international production  of this size  was created.   The programme garnered a cult following during the series, which built up to the grand opening  night  in Monte Carlo.  

Following on from this, David was awarded an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University in the U.K. for services to the entertainment industry, and   is credited with "bringing musicals to the masses" with his unique portfolio of over 25 hit shows.   David is now entitled to use the name "Doctor" in his name, but he chooses not to do so - for now, at least.

"David's success comes from a unique talent for creating shows that audiences want to see. He is a hands on producer who travels  the world with his shows.   Add  to this  his  musical background and a positive business focus and you go some way to understanding what  makes David the success  he is today. "

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We are delighted to announce that Spirit of the Dance is touring Australia in April 2020.  It has been a long time coming, and the entire cast are thrilled and excited to be visiting this great country.   Australia here we come !!!


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